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One of the nice things about cannabis medicine is that it has pleasant side effects although, for some people, that is what the medicine is all about. However, research shows plenty of proof positive medical relief can be found in cannabis medicine over a wide range of issues. Let me tell you what we are all about and how we got here.

We were sitting around discussing State Question 788 and what it might mean for our future.  Had some money put back and wanted to invest it wisely for our future. With not enough land to grow marijuana and lacking the technical know-how to process it into anything useful, setting up a dispensary seemed like the right thing to do. From the git-go it was all about medicine, particularly easing the opioid crisis, helping Veterans with PTSD, and settling nausea in cancer patients.
Then, my ethics came to play with how I see myself and how I like to do things and my associates thought likewise.  We wanted to offer a good product at a good price for the consumer. We wanted to reward loyalty to my patrons by giving them a better deal.  And we wanted helpful, friendly staff to serve all our patients. We came up with these ideas to make it happen.  Our plan offers discounts to seniors who often are on social security to help them out and our discount to veterans who put their lives on the line so we could enjoy these freedoms. And to reward all our customers for coming back we have our Loyalty Points that come with your purchase.

Even our name expresses who we are and what we are about. Broadleaf Health and Wellness. Health and wellness! Whether it is the relief from the stress of the day after work or the relief from debilitating migraine headaches that you find helpful, we're here for your health and wellness. When you come by you may be pleasantly surprised that we are as laid back as our mission statement here.

Be sure to get back to us to help us serve you better. You see something you like, let us know so we can give you more.  see something you want, let us know so we can try to help you get it. And, if something is missing - let us know so we can be your dispensary.



It's all about the medicine